Friday, 19, July, 2024

Yesterday, on July 4, in Rishton district of Fergana province, a quarrel broke out between police officers and a driver. The conflict was prompted by the driver driving on a non-drivable part of the road. During the quarrel, the police officers used an electric shocker on the driver and took him to the nearby police service room. But later the man was taken out of the room unconscious on a stretcher: he was admitted to the intensive care unit of the district hospital.

As of the first half of Friday, the man has not yet regained consciousness.

Reportedly, Ravshan Madaliev, 33, resident of the Zohidan village, drove his car on the main road in the center of the district. A fight broke out when a police officer on duty was explaining to the driver that it was not allowed to drive on the left.

The applicanr says that all footage from the camera of the store where the quarrel was shot was deleted by 5 police officers in order to hide what really happened.

The information service of the Fergana province police department is studying the situation.

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