Sunday, 03, March, 2024

At the meeting of the Legislative Chamber, the deputies considered in the first reading the amendments to the Criminal Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Code of Administrative Liability due to the liberalization of liability for certain categories of criminal acts."

MPs noted that the reforms carried out in the field of tourism in our country contribute to the development and improvement of the tourist infrastructure, the creation of additional facilities for tourists, and the improvement of the quality of the provided services. While, accelerating the development of sustainable tourism requires the elimination of factors that negatively affect the country's tourist attractiveness.

Unmanned aerial vehicles are among the goods that are restricted for import into the territory of Uzbekistan. Criminal liability for their illegal import into the territory of the country, as well as transfer, acquisition, storage or use of them, is provided for up to three years of imprisonment.

As per the Article 20 of the updated Constitution, the measures of legal influence applied by the government bodies to the person should be based on the principle of proportionality and should be sufficient to achieve the goals provided by the laws.

With the amendments, the Criminal Code and the Code of Administrative Liability establish administrative liability instead of criminal liability for persons who illegally import, transfer, receive, store or use drones into the territory of the republic for the first time, as well as criminal liability for repeated violations of these offenses. it is envisaged to introduce appropriate changes and additions that reduce liability penalties.

The proposed provisions serve to reliably protect the rights and legal interests of citizens, facilitate the wide attraction of foreign tourists to our country, and also strengthen the reputation of our country in the international arena, the information service of the Legislative Chamber said.

Reportedly, the amendments were passed by the MPs.

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