Friday, 14, June, 2024

Zero rate import customs duty will be applied to cars having a price tag of 40,000 US dollars and over, and manufactured less than two years ago, and to electric cars (HS Code 870380) starting from January 1, 2019, with the excise tax rate at 20% of the customs value.

This is stipulated by the President’s June 29 Measures to Further Improve Foreign Economic Activity and Customs and Tariff Regulation of Uzbekistan Decree.

So how much will the Uzbeks have to pay for a 40 thousand US dollar* Lexus IS luxury class car with conventional engine?

Car price (USD): 40,000*

Excise: 40000 × 20% = 8,000

VAT: (40000 + 8000) x 20% = 9,600

Total price: 57,600

Electric car (Tesla Model 3) (exempted from excise duty).

Car price (USD): 35,000*

VAT: 35000 × 20% = 7,000.

Total price: 42,000

Note: customs clearance fee (0.2% of the customs value, but not less than $ 25 and not more than $ 3,000) and a 3% fee for the Republican Road Fund shall be charged additionally.

The customs duties and excise tax for the imports of other cars have not virtually changed.

*approximate price

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