Tuesday, 25, June, 2024

For the next two days, the world’s cotton industry leaders, textile companies and sales agents will gather in Tashkent for the XII International Uzbek Cotton and Textile Fair.

The visitors will be able to get acquainted with the news in the industry and have an opportunity for networking and direct cooperation.

It is worth noting that the Cotton Fair’s popularity is growing every year, if in 2005 there were 170 attendees from 30 countries, this year the Fair is expected to host over 1,000  visitors from over 40 countries.

This year, unlike previous years, the International Conference’s schedule includes three breakout sessions entitled "The growth of the cotton industry and boosting the competitiveness of the Uzbek cotton fiber in the world market", "Improving the competitiveness of the textile industry - an important factor in increasing the export opportunities", "Scientific and technological innovation in the cotton and textile industries. "

During the two-day forum and round tables, the participants, along with discussion of the current state and prospects of the world cotton market, will get to know about the conditions created for foreign investors in Uzbekistan’s textile industry, participate in the trades, and enter into direct purchase and sale contracts of the high quality Uzbek cotton fiber and textile end-products.

The visiting trade and industrial companies, the local and international experts will be able to see the cotton fiber samples and use the services of the services center, the premises are available for preliminary negotiations, and all the necessary conditions for the entering into contracts.

As part of the fair it is scheduled to hold presentations on achievements of Uzbekistan’s light industry, including the display of various textile products manufactured in local factories.

The International conference, seminars and other events held in the framework of the XII International Uzbek Cotton and Textile Fair will surely enhance the trade and investment partnerships, and further boost the rating of the Uzbekistan’s light industry in the world.

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