Wednesday, 06, December, 2023

Almost everything that is produced and grown in Uzbekistan is being showcased at Uzbekistan’s exhibition hall in the Tajik capital Dushanbe.

Made in Uzbekistan National Exhibition Hall opened in Dushanbe, where manufacturers from 15 sectors in Uzbekistan are presenting their products.

The showroom on ​​600 square meters will operate on ongoing basis, and where one can see how see agricultural and food industry products, building materials, textiles and ready-made clothes, leather accessories and shoes for various purposes, silk fabrics and products, etc. and electronics, home appliances, furniture, plumbing and jewelry.

As the Ministry of Investment and Foreign Trade noted, this showroom is also important because negotiations between manufacturers and customers will take place here. For example, today the prospects for the development of industrial cooperation and setting up of joint ventures, taking into account the local raw material base and market needs, are being discussed here.

The opening of the Uzbek exhibition hall in Dushanbe was also positively received by local manufacturers, who see the Tajik market as a good potential for development.

“Some of the manufacturers of building materials and leather products have already reached provisional deals on supply of products to Tajikistan,” the Ministry of Investment and Foreign Trade said.

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