Thursday, 20, June, 2024

Tashkent hosted the first meeting of the Uzbek-Ukrainian Business Council, created in February 2021, and a joint business forum on Wednesday, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry said.

Ukraine was represented by the Deputy Foreign Minister Yevgeniy Yenin, President of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Gennady Chizhikov and co-chairman of the Uzbek-Ukrainian Business Council from Ukraine Oleg Revchuk.

While, Deputy Foreign Minister Furqat Sidiqov, Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan Adham Ikramov and co-chairman of the Uzbek-Ukrainian Business Council from Uzbekistan Zafar Khashimov represented Uzbekistan.

Executives of more than 100 companies and enterprises attended the event from both sides.

Adham Ikramov, in his opening, suggested that the sides set up joint ventures in the production of organic fertilizers, pet food, the organization of intensive gardens and the cultivation of fruits and vegetables, to assist in the opening of trading houses in the two countries and - to strengthen cooperation in scientific, technical and industrial areas.

As part of the event, a roadmap was signed on cooperation between the CCIs of Uzbekistan and Ukraine, as well as agreements on cooperation between the territorial chambers of the CCIs of the parties.

Tomorrow, on May 20, an Uzbek-Ukrainian business forum and negotiations between businesses are planned in Samarkand province.

As previously reported, at the political consultations held yesterday between Uzbekistan and Ukraine, the creation of Ukrainian industrial clusters on the territory of Uzbekistan was discussed.

In 2020, the volume of mutual trade between Uzbekistan and Ukraine topped US$ 437.9 million (+ 14.1% compared to 2019), including exports - US$ 122.8 million (+ 2.8%), imports - US$ 315.2 million (+ 19.2%). As of April 1, there are 129 Ukrainian-invested firms in Uzbekistan, including 72 joint ventures and 57 foreign enterprises.

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