Tuesday, 23, July, 2024

The Russian Export Center (REC) plans to launch, with the support of the government of Uzbekistan, a large project to create Uzbekistan-Russia export-import agrological corridor with an aim to increase the volume of the two-way trade.

“The increase in export volumes is closely related to the development of logistics. Especially effective will be the creation of wholesale distribution centers near major land and shipping interchanges, as well as next to major industries. This will allow market participants to develop the most logistically and economically viable technology for delivering goods to the buyer and will contribute to the expansion of mutual trade,” said REC Director General Veronika Nikishina.

She noted that already now there are reduced fares for railway transportation through the territory of Kazakhstan for refrigerated transportation, which can significantly increase exports, during the transportation of which the expiration dates must be taken into account.

REC is interested, together with Russian Railways, to create a regular railway route to Uzbekistan for the transportation of agricultural products, where the warehouse infrastructure will be developed and the requirement for transportation, for example, compliance with temperature conditions, will be taken into account.

“In 2020 alone, the export of products from Russia to Uzbekistan reached about 930 thousand tons, including supplies of sugar, molasses, vegetable oil, margarine, drinks and confectionery. This is a significant volume, and if you organize a continuous logistics chain from Russia to Uzbekistan and in the opposite direction, then the economy of the project would reach extremely attractive parameters, "said Dmitry Murev, Director General of Russian Railways Logistics.

The potential of this corridor lies in the use of the seasonal and climatic complementarity of the assortment offer of Uzbekistan and Russia, balancing the counter traffic flows and creating favorable tariff conditions for its beneficial use by participants in the foreign economic activity of our countries.

In case of a successful start of the project, it can be scaled by connecting the traffic flows of agricultural products from neighboring countries, which will attract additional transit volumes of cargo transportation to Uzbekistan’s transport network.

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