Thursday, 18, July, 2024

The Uzbek-Afghan matchmaking session in Kabul, Afghanistan, could provide exit for Uzbek business to Afghanistan, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, which have a population of 1 billion.

18 Uzbekistan business entities are taking part in the matchmaking session to be held from March 30 to April 3 in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

The project is organized by the Exporters' Association of Uzbekistan and the Business Development Association. The business conference will include B2B meetings, product exhibitions and negotiations with foreign investors.

The participants of the project are mainly business entities engaged in the production of food, construction materials, pharmaceuticals, textiles, agriculture, detergents in Uzbekistan. They will meet directly with Afghan investors, showcasing their products.

Earlier, the deputy chairman of the Exporters' Union, Yorqin Malikov, said that there was a clear lack of knowledge and experience in exporting companies, and that exporters often ratified the contract without reading it and were deceived when exporting their products.

German expert Ronnie Heine also said that red tape, customs duties, lack of free trade, lack of production of competitive products are obstacles to the development of Uzbekistan's export system.

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