Wednesday, 17, July, 2024

At a roundtable in Tashkent on Friday Uzeltekhsanoat association’s first deputy chairman, Mansur Khashimov offered the government’s stake in JSC FOTON for sale to Russian investors.

The FOTON plant was established in 1942 and today has two production facilities on 68 thousand square meters. The government owns 83.15% of the shares, which employs 257 people. FOTON produces over 30 types of semiconductors and microcircuits, TVs, vacuum cleaners, online cash registers.

According to Mansur Khashimov, all products are fully exported to Russia for the needs of defense industry enterprises as part of an intergovernmental agreement, with US$ 1.17 million worth of goods products exported in January-November 2020 (US$ 1.33 million in 2019).

“Give the many years of experience of this enterprise in the production of electronic components, and also considering that the Russian Federation is Uzbekistan’s strategic ally, we would like to propose to consider to buy the government’s stake in FOTON,”said Mansur Khashimov.

He also proposed to set up at Photon the production of electronic components and products for the needs of the defense industry and the national economy: microcircuits, high-voltage rectifier poles, semiconductor rectifier and power diodes, field-effect transistors, voltage comparators, operational amplifiers and others.

He spoke in favor of joint drafting of an electronics development strategy for Uzbekistan, taking into account Russia’s "extensive experience.

He also proposed to transfer new developments and technologies of modern electronic components (microcircuits, etc.) for production in Uzbekistan with further supply for the needs of industrial enterprises in Russia.

Among the proposals are also the creation of new industries for the production of telecommunication equipment, household and industrial robots and electrical products in the field of alternative energy.

FOTON was added to the list of 62 state-owned assets put up for public auction.

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