Thursday, 29, September, 2022

Chairman of the Uzbek Tourism Development Committee, Anvar Sharapov held talks with representatives of the French Association Cluster Montagne.

The company delegation included the President of the House of Winter Olympic Games of Albertville and Adviser in Savoie department, Guy Sevessand, CEO of Geode, Frederick Gamarra, Director of Geode for  international projects, Umberto Escudero. During the talks was also present the First Counsellor of the French Embassy in Uzbekistan, Miriam Galland and the Attaché for Economic Affairs, Kevin Besançon.

The Uzbek side briefed the guests on Uzbekistan’s tourism potential, historical and cultural heritage, the ongoing reforms and the tourism industry development strategy and the measures taken by the Government to improve the tourism infrastructure.

It was noted that Uzbekistan has great potential for the development of alternative types of tourism, including mountain tourism.

The delegation got acquainted with the tourist potential of Chimgan area and elaborated a general strategy for the tourism development around the Charvak dam lake and Chimgan mountains.

In particular, Mr. Gamarra noted the well-organized infrastructure, including, transport, hotels, and the main asset - the hospitality of Uzbek people. The mountains attract professionals and enthusiasts of outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking, paragliding in summer and skiing  in winter, and the existing ropeway can provide year-round and multi-generational activities for local and foreign tourists.

French delegation underscored that the implementation of the proposed projects will bring rapid economic development to the region, will boost small business, create local jobs and shift Uzbekistan’s tourist brand from historical and cultural to outdoor activities and mountaineering.

F. Gamarra pointed to the need to consider the creation of a free economic (or tourist) zone to encourage investment in the tourism sector and boost the development of the region as a tourist destination.

In conclusion, the Chairman thanked the guests for their research to improve the ski tourism in the Chimgan mountains and expressed readiness to assist in the decision related to implementing of projects within the competence of the State Committee.

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