Tuesday, 23, July, 2024

The Uzbek-Slovak-Russian JV Chirana Asia for mechanical ventilators and anesthesia machines has been set up in Bektemir district and will launch manufacturing ventilators by the end of May, the Ministry of Innovation Development said.

Reportedly the Slovak company Chirana and Russian partners are currently transferring technology for manufacturing of ventilators. The US$ 6 million project will create over 100 jobs.

“Ventilators are manufactured only in 12 countries around the world. Unlike other models of the company, Chirana devices perform three-stage ventilation, not a single-stage.

Also, as part of the project 1,000 airway circuits, 500 airway circuits with moisture collector and 1,000 disposable bacterial-viral filters total worth of US$ 20,000 will be handed over to, the ministry official said at a briefing on Tuesday.

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