Sunday, 10, December, 2023

On January 21, the Tashkent city mayor, Jahongir Ortiqhojaev hosted the regional representative of Alshaya Group, Nenji Menhotra.

According to the Tashkent mayor’s office, the parties discussed the ways to launch bilateral cooperation, in particular, the prospects of opening Starbucks coffee shops in Tashkent.

In addition, Nenji Menhotra expressed interest in projects for 4 and 5 star hotels in Tashkent, and also urban infrastructure and communication development projects in the backdrop of Uzbekistan's demographic and urbanization trends in the next five years. In turn, Jahongir Ortiqhojaev briefed the guest on the Tashkent’s socio-economic and investment potential, as well as tourist inflow.

Note: Alshaya Co. is a multinational retail franchise operator headquartered in Kuwait. It operates nearly 90 consumer retail brands across the Middle East and North Africa, Russia, Turkey and Europe.

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