Wednesday, 06, December, 2023

Innovative technoparks could be established in Tashkent's Yashnabad and Almazar districts. A draft presidential decree, developed by the Ministry of Economy to this end has been published on the portal of online public services.

Yashnabad district will host a innovative technopark for R&D and small innovative businesses and start-ups specializing in materials science, electronic devices and controllers, nutritional and dietary supplements and medicines.

According to the draft the Almazar innovative technopark will specialize in metal processing technologies, energy efficiency, alternative energy sources and electronic measuring devices, robotics, mechanical engineering and electronics.

The main objectives of technoparks, as stated in the document, are:

-conducting innovative R&D, creating industrial enterprises and innovative start-ups for manufacturing of high-tech products;
-transfer of modern foreign and domestic technologies and their introduction among domestic producers, attraction to this end of domestic and foreign investors through offering incentives;
-ensuring cooperation between universities, research institutes and industries;
-introduction of innovative R&D results into practice of domestic enterprises.
These projects are expected to be financed by the state budget, customers, foreign grants, investors and soft loans of commercial banks.


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