Saturday, 09, December, 2023

On January 10 in the conference hall of Uzbekistan hotel was held a round table with participation of representatives of government bodies, hotels, travel companies of Tashkent city, Tashkent and Syrdarya regions.

The purpose of the event was to clarify the provisions of the Presidential Decree of December 2, 2016 No. UP-4861 "On measures to ensure the development of tourism industry of Uzbekistan".

The roundtable was attended by chairman of the Tourism Development Committee, A.Sharapov, chairman of the Chamber of Commerce, A. Shaykhov, Deputy Foreign Minister, D.Hakimov, Deputy Director of the Central Bank’s department, representatives of ministries and agencies, over 150 tourism industry companies in Tashkent and regions and the mass media.

The Tourism Development Committee made presentations on the concept of the development of tourism industry for the medium term and the program of measures for 2017-2021, followed by discussions of the issues of licensing and certification of tourist services. Also, the participants were shown the modern information system Mehmonxona, aimed at simplifying the reporting by hospitality companies.

The meeting also discussed on the most pressing problems in the sphere of tourism, the newly developed concept of tourism development, as well as monetary and financial transactions, etc.

This round table has become a good platform for informal dialogue with tourist entities and the second this month.

The Tourism Development Committee chairman A.Sharapov proposed to continue the practice of organizing such events for entrepreneurs in the regions.

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