Saturday, 13, July, 2024

UzIkkilamchiRangliMetal (Uz Secondary Non-Ferrous Metal) JSC will launch a plant for production of gel (industrial) batteries, the company said in a statement.

The 5 million USD project will be funded by the credit line of the National Bank and the company's own funds. More than 5.8 billion soums have already been spent for construction and installation works, with the bulk of the process equipment delivered.

One of the main advantage of gel batteries is that they have much longer service life than lead-acid ones.

“Initially, we planned to commission the enterprise in June 2019. But then we decided to modernize the project, ”said Alexander Babayants, Director for Perspective Development of UzIkkilamchiRangliMetal JSC.

According to him, the new line of batteries being developed will allow to enter the markets of small uninterruptible power supplies, direct current systems and even electric vehicles.

In addition, the company has also developed a investment program, as part of which the production of new types of products will be mastered, which are now being imported from abroad.

UzIkkilamchiRangliMetal JSC is the only enterprise in Central Asia specializing in the collection and processing of scrap, non-ferrous metal wastes. In September 2018, the government share in UzIkkilamchiRangliMetal JSC was handed over for trust management to SFI Management Group LLC.

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