Sunday, 04, December, 2022

The President draft resolution of the  of Uzbekistan "On measures to further Improve trade activities and customs-tariff regulation in Uzbekistan Decree was published for public discussion.

According to the document, the main principles for further improving customs and tariff regulation are:

-        strengthening the regulatory function of the customs tariff policies with the priority of the development of economy sectors, aimed at integration into global value chains;

-        constant improvement of the tariff regulation of trade activities, taking into account the best world practices, norms of the World Trade Organization in order to neutralize risks and negative consequences for the national economy;

-        keeping favorable conditions for importing process equipment in order to further intensify the processes of modernization and re-equipment, swift implementation of infrastructure projects;

-        facilitate providing local producers with raw materials and resources not produced in Uzbekistan or produced in insufficient quantities and used in the export of export-oriented products;

-        application of the tariff escalation principles for finished goods to boost production and competitiveness of domestic goods;

-        unification of customs fees for goods similar in appearance, purpose, property and composition, goods close to the commodity nomenclature in order to rule out cases of their classification as items subject to lower customs rates;

-        unification of excise tax rates for excisable goods imported and produced in Uzbekistan, taking into account obligations arising from international obligations of Uzbekistan.

Starting from May 1 The document will set the rates of import customs duties and excise tax rates for excisable goods imported into Uzbekistan.

The document says that by July 1, 2018 Uzbekistan plans to introduce an interactive information platform - Integrated Tariff that allows participants of trade activities to get the detailed information on documents required for customs clearance of all types of goods provided for in HS Code in real time free of charge, including the customs fees, information on all regulatory documents.

Until July 1, 2018, proposals will be developed to lift customs privileges for imports.

"The customs bodies are prohibited to demand documents that are not provided for in the Integrated Tariff platform”, the document says.

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