Sunday, 14, July, 2024

President Mirziyoyev by his March 24 decree cancelled the mandatory pre-shipment inspection of goods imported into Uzbekistan. The document is aimed at "further liberalization of foreign trade, creation of equal and favorable conditions for businesses, as well as removal of unnecessary barriers in trading activities."

Pre-shipment inspection of imported goods is now voluntary. The responsibility for taking the measures required by law to make ensure goods match quality, quantity and price specified in the terms and conditions of import contracts registered with the Center for Comprehensive Expert Opinion of Projects and Import Contracts under the National Project Management Agency shall be borne by the officials of the importer.

Data on quantity and prices of goods released for free circulation under the import contracts shall be handed over by customs authorities via information systems.

State bodies and organizations, as well as banks, are prohibited from recommending to importers on the choice of an inspection body conducting pre-shipment inspection.

The Ministry of Finance in a month's time is entrusted to ensure "critical review of the terms of collection and the amount of payments" paid by the companies subject to accreditation to the authorized body.

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