Wednesday, 19, June, 2024

Europe-Uzbekistan Association for Economic Cooperation (EUROUZ) held an Annual General Meeting on "Strengthening Ties, Exploring Opportunities: The Future of Europe-Uzbekistan Economic Cooperation." EUROUZ, welcomed its members to reflect on past achievements, address current challenges, and set a forward-looking agenda for enhanced cooperation.

Prof.Dr.KlausMangold, ChairmanoftheEUROUZBoard, delivered a keynote address underscoring the significant economic advancements, investment growth, and cultural exchange between Uzbekistan and Europe. He emphasized EUROUZ's support in organizing high-level visits of the Uzbek government to European countries in 2023 including visits by the President of Uzbekistan, which contributed to strengthening ties between the parties.

Following the Chairman's address, Mr Oybek Shaykhov presented the Secretary General's report, outlining past achievements, challenges, and strategic insights. This included an overview of EUROUZ's membership engagement strategies, governmentandEUrelations, as well as insights into past events and future strategies.

The meeting included speeches from the Chairpersons of EUROUZ committees in sectors such as Healthcare & Life-Sciences, ESG & Compliance, and HR & Capacity

Building, outlining that these committees provide a vital platform for European and Uzbek private businesses to share their expertise and positions in addressing state policy and advocating for positive changes.

Following the Secretary General's presentation on corporate governance and financial reports, EUROUZ, driven by its commitment to transparency and accountability, conducted a voting process among its members. As a result, EUROUZ members voted to establish the EUROUZ Advisory Board, aimed at reducing competition and enhancing communication among European chambers in Uzbekistan.

Members of the Association engaged in active discussions, sharing their perspectives on key matters and initiatives for the upcoming year and future strategic directions. In the closing remarks, the EUROUZ board members concluded the meeting by providing an outlook for EU-Uzbekistan economic cooperation, setting a positive tone for continued collaboration.

At the end of the EUROUZ Annual General Meeting, a networking reception provided EUROUZ members with the opportunity to engage and forge meaningful connections, fostering opportunities for further cooperation.

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