Thursday, 30, November, 2023

Royal Crown Cola International has officially launched in Uzbekistan. RCCI’s new, exclusive bottler and distributor in the country is Family Group.

The inauguration ceremony took place on August 3, 2017. U.S. Ambassador Pamela Spratlen to Uzbekistan also attended the event, with representatives from RC Cola International in attendance as well.

In her remarks, Ambassador Spratlen noted that, “in the years since Uzbekistan’s independence, U.S. companies have worked through unique features of the country’s economy to find success, along the way offering new technologies and opportunities for the people of Uzbekistan.”

In closing she noted that, “The U.S.-Uzbek commercial relationship is an important pillar of our overall bilateral relationship.” Following formal remarks the Ambassador joined representatives from RC Cola and Family Group in officially launching the bottling line in Family Group’s cutting edge plant.

The RC Cola brand has been known in the US since 1905 and produces its products in more than 50 countries around the world.

RC Cola, also known as Royal Crown Cola, is a cola-flavoredsoft drink developed in 1905 by Claud a. Hatcher, a pharmacist in Georgia, United States of America.

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