Wednesday, 30, November, 2022

JSC UzQurilishMateriallari (transl. Uz Building Materials) announced that it more than doubled the exports of building materials in the half-year to the previous year, reaching $46.9 million.

Following modernization of existing facilities, commissioning of new capacities, the number of exported items has increased from 12 to 48 compared to 2007.

The company products are being exported to such countries as Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Afghanistan, the United Arab Emirates, Iran and other countries.

The industry’s main objective is to "provide the domestic market with high-quality and modern building materials produced from local raw materials, and to increase the volume of exports."

Some 2128 construction industry capacities total worth of 3.2 trillion soums are to be commissioned in near future, their completion will create about 30,000 new jobs.


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