Tuesday, 23, July, 2024

President signed a decree on Tuesday simplifying the processes of submitting reports and statistical data by business entities, the Ministry of Justice said.

According to the document, eight types of mutually duplicating reports and statistical data requested from business entities, which government bodies can receive from other bodies, will be scrapped, from 2024.

The decree also approved the Unified List of Reports and Statistical Data submitted by business entities to government bodies.

According to the document, reports shall be provided only through information systems.

Before January 1, 2026, a Unified Reporting System will be introduced, providing for its formation and submission to government bodies through the “personal account of a business entity.”

Reporting shall be submitted in the following order:

- from January 1, 2026 for all business entities - voluntary;

- from January 1, 2027 for small and medium-sized businesses - mandatory;

- from January 1, 2028 for all business entities - mandatory.

While, as previously reported, by presidential decree, 22 types of licenses and permits will be canceled starting March 1, 2024. While 7 types of permits shall be completely cancelled, another 12 shall be canceled by merging, another 3 are replaced by the way of notification.

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