Friday, 14, June, 2024

According to the Afghan Ministry of Industry and Commerce, in an interview with the Uzbek delegation, an agreement was reached on establishing facilities for the country's businessmen. 

The exhibition of the Uzbekistani products held in Kabul will continue up to 10 days and more than 100 types of Uzbekistani products will be shown.

A number of exhibitors say that holding such exhibitions will play an important role in increasing trade between Kabul and Tashkent. 

“Our main intention is to showcase Uzbekistan's products, with 14 manufacturing companies producing more than 100 products," said Ibeek Roozi, a participant.

"The aim of the exhibition is friendship and relations with Afghans, as well as products produced in Uzbekistan to be sold in Afghanistan," said a participant.

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce said efforts are also being made to hold exhibitions of Afghan products in regional countries, especially Uzbekistan.

The acting minister says that for the purpose of business growth between Afghanistan and Uzbekistan, they will also hold an exhibition in Uzbekistan in near future. 

"Same programs and bigger than this that will be held in near future in March which is the spring season for both countries, 

"We agreed that in the coming months the same plan and greater plans will take place in Tashkent in future months," said Nooruddin Azizi, acting Minister of Industry and Commerce.

"Afghanistan strives to continue its business relations with all the world and wishes others to continue their business in Afghanistan as well, and to do joint investments,” said

Mohammad Younus Momand, first deputy of ACCI.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Prime Minister of Uzbekistan says that they are also helping to increase exports from Afghanistan to Uzbekistan. 

"There is a team of businessmen here, you can suggest that in the various sectors, they are ready for negotiations and we cooperate in different sectors such as agriculture, mines and energy, not only importing Uzbekistan's products but also exporting Afghan products to Uzbekistan," said Jamshid Kuchkarov, Deputy Prime Minister of Uzbekistan.


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