Sunday, 04, December, 2022

The Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan issued a resolution to create a small industrial zone (SIZ) at JSC Oniks in Tashkent’s Almazar district.

UzElTechSanoat’s (trans. Uz Electrical Technical Industry) stake in JSC will be handed over to the Tashkent city administration. The new SIZ will host JV "Deutsche Kabel AG Tashkent" which will manufacture electrical and energy-efficient products. The Tashkent city administration together with banks were instructed to form a list and schedules for implementation of other projects in Almazar SIZ.

JSC Oniks (formerly Mikond plant) was established in 1948, which manufactured electrotechnical products, later for the first time in Central Asia JSC Oniks  began manufacturing various glassware and lamps.



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