Monday, 24, June, 2024

Uzbek Foreign Ministry condemned attack on an Afghan mosque on Wednesday evening in Kabul's Khairkhan district which killed 21 people.

“With deep sorrow, we learned the news message about the death and injury of a large number of people as a result of an explosion committed on August 17 in one of the mosques in Kabul during evening prayers,” the Foreign Ministry of Uzbekistan said in a statement.

The Foreign Ministry strongly condemned the terrorist act and expressed the hope that all measures would be taken "to identify the organizers and perpetrators of this barbaric action."

"We sincerely condole with the families and loved ones of the victims, and wish a swift recovery to the injured," the Foreign Ministry concluded.

On the evening of August 17, the Italian non-governmental clinic Emergency in Kabul reported that immediately after the explosion in the mosque, 27 victims, including five children, were admitted to them. The media reported dozens of dead and wounded. None of the armed groups operating in the country claimed responsibility for the attack.

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