Monday, 18, June, 2018

Islam Karimov junior, the grandson of the late Uzbek President Karimov, applied for political asylum in the UK, his London-based lawyer told the BBC.

According to the lawyer the asylum application was filed about a month ago

When the BBC reportedly spoke to Islam Karimov junior on December 20, 2017, he replied:

"Yes, I will seek asylum this year as soon as the legal formalities and papers are ready. There is a major development in my mother’s (Gulnara Karimova) case".

However Islam Karimov, now living in the UK, did not elaborate on the development.

His mother, Gulnara Karimova is serving a 5-year sentence following the verdict of the Tashkent province court of August 2015 on the charges by Uzbekistan’s General Prosecutor’s Office.

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