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On October 24, 2013, a criminal case was opened in relation to tax evasion in the activities of Terra Group LLC, Prime Media LLC, Gamma Promotion LLC.

During the investigation of this case it was established that Karimova Gulnora Islamovna, born on July 8, 1972 in Fergana province, who is of Uzbek ethnicity, was the director of the Center for Political Studies with registered office at: Tashkent, Yashnabad district, Y. Gulyamov str.,, 77 A, directly contributed to the criminal activities of the organized group, headed in 2001-2012 by Sodikov N., and from January-October 2013 by Madumarov R.

Under the control and with the assistance of Karimova G., the members of the organized criminal group committed a number of crimes in 2001-2013, including:

- taking possession of money, shares, stakes and assets of individuals and entrepreneurs in the amount of UZS 54.1 billion (shares of G.Haibnazarov in JSC Tashkent Plant for Procuring and Processing of Scrap, Non-ferrous Metals Waste and Angren Cement LLC - 4.1 billion soums, cash in the amount of 4 million dollars, 2 apartments, 4 houses, 8 cars - 17.3 billion soums, shares of Sh. Akhmedov in KOLORPAK LLC and NASHRIYOT UYI TASVIR - 1.9 billion soums and others);

- theft by appropriation and embezzlement of state assets worth of 344.6 billion soums when bought out the state’s shares, stakes in various enterprises, privatization of assets and sale of products at knock down prices (state shares in JV Uzdunrobita (49%) - 131, 9 billion soums, JV Coca-Cola Ichimligi Uzbekistan LTD (67.1%) - 14.6 billion soums, JV Rubicon Wireless Communication (30%) - 9.6 billion soums, 50 immovable property - 20.4 billion soums and others);

- tax evasion amounting to 2 trillion. 91.4 billion soums by economic entities and offshore companies controlled by the organized criminal group, by understating revenues (1 trillion 570.3 billion soums), revenues from services, works and goods (253.9 billion soums) ), Illegal application of privileges (266.2 billion soums), concealment of the taxable base in the form of gratuitous services, surplus fixed assets and other (994.3 million soums);

- destruction, damage and concealment of documents related to the activities of entities and offshore companies controlled by the organized group, in order to avoid criminal liability.

Criminal charges have been brought on a number of articles of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan (165, 167, 179, 184, 227 and others) against Karimova G. based on to the above episodes.

The guilt of Karimova G. in these crimes has been confirmed by the evidence given by the members of the organized criminal group: Sodikov N., Madumarov R., Sabirov S. and others, witnesses, victims, materials of inspections of 45 economic entities controlled by the organized group and 16 offshore companies, the seized written and material evidence, expert opinions and other evidence gathered in relation to the case.

By the verdict of the Tashkent Province Criminal Court of August 21, 2015, Karimova G. has been found guilty of committing the incriminated offences and she was sentenced to 5 years of restriction of freedom.

In addition, the investigation of the criminal case against Karimova G., separated into a separate proceeding, on the facts of assistance to the organized criminal group in committing the following crimes continues:

- taking possession of another's property worth 1 trillion 256.7 billion soums by fraud through illegal sale of radio-frequencies and land plots abusing the powers of government bodies ($ 595 million or 866.7 billion soums), unfounded levying of extraneous commissions from customers of mobile communication operators when paying for services (390 billion soums);

- concealment of foreign currency in the amount of 1 billion 942.8 million US dollars and 29.1 million euros by receiving “kickbacks” to the accounts of offshore companies controlled by the organized criminal group, for lobbying the interests of various persons (869.3 million euros and US $ 29 million), the illegal sale of radio frequencies and land plots ($ 520 million), moving criminal proceeds abroad under the guise of dividend payments and sale of shares ($ 439.6 million), illicit moving out of cash ($ 98 million), non-encashing of cash proceeds ($ 11.2 million), non-sale of 50% of revenue for exported goods and services (US $ 4.6 million..), import of goods at inflated prices (US $ 129.7 thousand and 45.8 thousand euro);

- violation of customs legislation for a total amount of 607.6 billion soums by not declaring the full amount and understatement of prices of imported goods (386.3 billion soums), concealing from customs control of moved out foreign currency ($ 98 million or $ 209.4 billion Soums), understating the value of exported products (11.9 billion soums);

- violation of the rules of trade and provision of services in the amount of 572.9 billion soums by way of non-encashing of proceeds from sale of goods, works and services (294.9 billion soums), illegal cashing (278 billion soums);

- forgery of documents and their use to give legitimacy to criminal activities of the organized group;

- legalization of proceeds from criminal activity by purchasing residential and non-residential property, other property, making money remittances through fictitious contracts between offshore companies controlled by the organized criminal group.

According to the facts, Karimova G. was charged under articles 168, 178, 182, 189, 228 and 243 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan and a preventive measure were taken against her in the form of detention.

The charges were brought against Karimova G. on the basis of evidence gathered in the case, including evidence of the members of the organized criminal group, witnesses, victims, materials of inspections of 14 companies controlled by the organized group and 16 offshore companies, confiscated written and material evidence, expert opinions.

The total amount of damage to the interests of the state and individuals in the two specified criminal cases is estimated at 1,270, 200 million soums, 1,651.8 million dollars, 26.1 million euros (total in national currency - 3 trillion 746.8 million soums ).

According to the investigation materials, legalized assets of the organized criminal group for the amount of 1,394.1 million US dollars, 63.5 million euros, 27.1 million pounds and 18.5 million francs were established in 12 foreign countries, including in:

  • Switzerland – cash in the amount of  $ 777.8 million and villas in Cologny worth 18.5 million francs;
  • Sweden - cash - $ 30 million;
  • Great Britain - cash 4.2 million pounds, in London - houses, apartments and villas worth 22.9 million pounds;
  • France - in Paris - apartments and Chateau de Groussay, villas in Saint-Tropez worth total of 52.5 million euros;
    Latvia - cash and securities for $ 16.5 million, an entertainment center in a park of ​​Riga worth 9 million euros;
  • Ireland - cash and securities for $ 300 million;
  • The island of Malta - an aircraft valued at $ 48.8 million;
  • Germany - cash for 2 million euros;
  • Spain – cash for 82 thousand dollars;
  • Russia - cash of $ 6 million, in Moscow - a penthouse in Kamelot residential complex, a mansion in the Rublevka and 8 apartments, in Yalta - a hotel complex, a residential building and a land plot with a total value of more than 2 million US dollars;
  • Hong Kong - cash $ 67 million, penthouse in The Arch skyscraper worth $ 15 million;
  • United Arab Emirates - cash $ 32 million, gold and gold certificates worth $ 31.5 million, Dubai - penthouse, 2 villas, 2 hotel complexes worth $ 67.4 million.

Within the framework of international cooperation, investigative orders on imposition of arrest on the above assets of the organized criminal group have been sent to the authorities of the foreign states.

Currently, operative and investigative measures are continuing to establish other assets of the organized criminal group and their return to Uzbekistan.

Office for Combating Organized Crime and Corruption of the General Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Uzbekistan

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