Monday, 04, March, 2024

One hundred years ago, on April 2, 1917, the first issue of Pravda Vostoka (The Truth of the East), a state-owned socio-political and economic newspaper in the Russian language, then named as Nash Gazeta (Our Newspaper), was published. The newspaper was renamed to its current name in November 1924.

In the Soviet era, the newspaper was part of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Uzbekistan, the Supreme Council and the Council of Ministers of the Uzbek SSR an official ideological mouthpiece of the ruling party.Despite this, the newspaper was interesting, in demand and its staff were real professionals.

In 1975 the daily size of circulation reached 250,000 copies, now, slightly over 31 thousand. In 1956 the newspaper’s staff was awarded with the Order of the Red Banner of Labor.

Today the oldest newspaper in Uzbekistan is part of the Cabinet of Ministers.

The newspaper was not be published on its jubilee. and on Saturday, on April 3, its 28,521th edition will be published. 

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