Friday, 05, March, 2021

On January 14, the President Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed the bill amending the Code of Administrative Responsibility into law, which provide for the imposition of a fine on officials for violating public procurement regulations. The bill was passed by the Legislative Chamber on December 15 and was approved by the Senate on December 19.

The Code is supplemented by an Article 175-8, according to which non-abidance by the procedure for formation and placement of public procurement plans, including schedule plans, as well as violation of the procedure for placing public procurement announcements on a special portal, violation of the procedure and terms of mandatory discussion and violation of the terms for posting of public procurement results shall entail the imposition of a fine on officials from 5 to 10 basic values (BV=223 thousand soums, US$ 21).

Adding information, references and requirements prohibited by law and restricting competition in public procurement announcements and procurement documents, violation of the procedures for approving procurement documents and the formation of applications entails the imposition of a fine on officials from 10 to 15 BVs.

Violation of the requirements for awarding contracts for providing goods, works and services through bids, as well as making a decision on public procurement from a single supplier or on the basis of direct contracts in cases where the definition of a supplier of goods performing work and providing a service through a competitive procurement method entails imposing a fine for officials from 15 to 20 BVs.

Failure to notify of affiliation and conflict of interest in the process of public procurement, non-acceptance of public procurement proposals or reduction of the deadline for submitting proposals, as well as violation of the requirements for opening envelopes with proposals and evaluating proposals entails the imposition of a fine on officials from 20 to 30 BVs.

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