Wednesday, 23, September, 2020

All Uzbekneftegaz gas stations are planned to be equipped with EV chargers, the Ministry of Energy said. "We are now making detailed calculations for setting up of the so-called hybrid filling stations. A proposal is also being prepared to stimulate private investment in the development of infrastructure for electric vehicles. In my opinion, it is not the state that should be investing in hybrid charging stations," the Deputy Energy Minister Sherzod Khojaev said.

According to him, the state only needs to stimulate this process, while investment must be provided by private capital. Therefore, now the Ministry of Energy, together with the Ministry of Innovative Development, is conducting a study to stimulate the creation of EV chargers.

For example, investors will be offered land plots for such filling stations on preferential terms or even free of charge. At the same time, the land will be allocated not on the outskirts, but where there is a serious traffic flow, he added, which may interest investors and "pull" additional private investments.

Do not forget, he noted, that these electric filling stations differ in their principle of operation from ordinary ones. This is a rather lengthy process. That is, they need to be developed in a different way. So, for example, city transport, minibuses, taxis, official cars of various ministries and departments, all this transport stands at night and moves during the day. Therefore, to refuel them, you can make cheaper rates at night.

"People will charge their electric cars at night, when energy is cheaper, and use them during the day. What will this give? At night, when consumption drops everywhere, we are forced to turn off the power units and turn them on again in the morning. As a result, a certain amount of idle fuel combustion occurs, we want If we make it profitable to refuel electric vehicles at night, people will use it, and they will not have to turn off the power units, in total, the economic profit from this will be quite serious, " Khodjaev said.

He also added that the ministry sees interest from private business, which is ready to invest in electric vehicles, but fears that the necessary infrastructure will not be created in the country. On the other hand, there are people interested in organizing a network of charging stations, but they are afraid that there will be no demand.

Khodjaev believes that the main goal for the state now is to show the seriousness of its intentions to develop this sector, to become a real leader, for example, to buy electric vehicles instead of the usual ones for several ministries.

"Now we are negotiating with potential investors from Southeast Asia who are ready to invest in the creation of infrastructure. Conditionally they can build covered parking lots, on the roof and walls of which there will be solar panels. This energy will accumulate. People will just come to the office, install your car to the parking lot, and it will be automatically charged," he noted.

According to him, Chinese, Malaysian and Thai companies are now showing interest in these projects.

The Ministry of Energy plans that by 2030, that is, in 10 years, about a quarter of the city's transport will be electric. This will happen due to two factors - the development of infrastructure and a decrease in the price of electric vehicles.

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