Saturday, 24, February, 2024

The State Committee of Uzbekistan for Ecology and Environmental Protection plans to create a network of automatic air quality measurement stations across the country to include fine particles in the monitoring, the Committee said.

In September last year, the Cabinet of Ministers adopted a resolution according to which, from January 1, 2021, automatic sampling stations shall become mandatory at pollution sources in newly commissioned high environmental risk enterprises, and in the nearby territory them - stationary observation points.

In February, the EcologyCom will receive the delivery of two US$ 750 thousand mobile labs for measuring and analyzing air. In general, this year the committee will spend 6 billion soums from extrabudgetary sources to equip 15 analytical laboratories in the provinces.

With the advent of a constant automated data stream, the committee plans to develop Uzbekistan’s environmental map. It will help in real time to assess the quality of air, water and land resources, to quickly respond to possible problems. This information will be accessible not only to experts, but also to all residents, the State Committee for Ecology noted.

Last fall, the State Committee for Ecology, together with the Ministry of Health and Uzhydromet, took samples of atmospheric air from 13 enterprises of the cement industry, which has the greatest negative impact on the environment and human health. According to the analysis, five enterprises exceeded the maximum permissible concentration (MPC) for dust: Karakalpakstan Titan Cement 1.06–4.6 times, Karakalpak Cement 6.06 times, Ferghana Turon Eco Cement group 1.68−1.8 times, Yaypangips - 1.7-1.86 times and Fergana Cement - 1.16-1.36 times.

Based on the results of the audit, the committee developed a draft government decree on enhancing environmental control over cement enterprises. If the document is approved, then all existing cement manufacturers will be obliged to install automatic sampling stations for analysis of air pollution by January 1, 2022.

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