Monday, 04, March, 2024

The Minister of Justice, Ruslanbek Davletov spoke about the problems of regulatory compliance and legal nihilism at the 25th plenary meeting of the Senate Saturday.

The regulatory compliance means enforcing legislation and putting it into practice, the minister said.

In 2019, the Ministry of Justice analyzed 29 areas, and based on the findings, it has developed 23 documents that were submitted to the Cabinet of Ministers. Of these, 16 were accepted.

Ruslanbek Davletov admitted that there were a lot of problems in terms of regulatory compliance, with many violations. The Ministry of Justice submitted about 4,500 submissions, with over 1,500 proposals demanding administrative liability and about 30 demansd for criminal liability against the perpetrators.

As a result, more than 1,000 illegal documents were canceled, about 3,000 officials were brought to disciplinary liability, and over 1,500 were brought to administrative liability.

The analyses of violations found that most of them are in the areas of employment (33%) and health care (30%).

The Minister called the demolition of real estate one of the main problems in 2019 in the compliance.

Only after the President’s direct engagement were the problems in this area completely resolved, he noted. All this must become history. We need to open a new page, he added.

According to the new procedure, draft decisions on demolition shall be sent for legal examination. The demolition shall be allowed only if there is a positive opinion of the judicial authorities.

Another issue in the field of law compliance is the efforts to return the already privatized entities to the state ownership.

We must admit to all this happening. There were hundreds of attempts to return enterprises privatized 20-25 years ago to the state ownership. This hugely damages Uzbekistan’s reputation. In this case, too, after the President’s intervention, the issue was resolved (the President’s decree on Prohibition To Review the Outcomes of Privatization was adopted - ed.), the minister said.

The next problem is the allocation of land by mayors’ offices.

In spite of the procedure that land shall be provided through an auction, in 2018, 527 cases were revealed when district mayors directly allocated land without an auction. In 507 cases, land was allocated for the construction of houses, said the head of the Ministry of Justice.

According to the previous procedure, after winning the auction, mayors had to sign the document within three days, but in fact this procedure was delayed for a period of two to six months. Then, by a presidential decree, the requirement for a mayor to sign the decision on allotment of land to the bid winner was canceled.

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