Monday, 20, May, 2019

First Stihia festival of avant-garde electronic music was held on September 14 at the Moynaq Ship Graveyard, where a monument commemorating the tragedy of the Aral Sea now stands, the Tourism Development Committee reported.

The hypnotic and harmonic sounds were directed towards the lost sea, with the DJs echoing the rainmakers who were once part of the region's nomadic tribes.

The festival featured avant-garde electronic music, including ambient, ambient techno, electro and other types of dance music. The festival was held under the motto "Fill the Aral Sea with an Ocean of Sounds". 

The DJs were Dasha Redkina (Moscow), HVL (Tbilisi), Interchain (Moscow), Orgatanatos, Maria Breslavets, SHMN, KEBATO (Tashkent).

The main mission of the festival was to tell the world community about the Aral Sea problem.

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