Monday, 25, March, 2019

Uzbek Deputy Minister of Justice Akbar Tashkulov today solemnly presented to U.S. Ambassador to Uzbekistan Pamela Spratlen a certificate of state registration of the representative office of the American Councils for International Education (ACCELS) in Uzbekistan, the ministry said.

American Councils for Collaboration in Education and Language Study is a non-governmental organization of the United States. The office is intended to facilitate international exchanges for a variety of audiences, including high school and undergraduate students, teachers, professionals, and academics as well as to implement programs to support university partnerships and links.

The office will help strengthen Uzbekistan-U.S. ties, as well as create a legal basis for cooperation in the educational sphere.

ACCELS already had its office opened in 1995, however later in 2006 it was closed by a court decision.

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