Sunday, 04, December, 2022

As reported earlier, yesterday was held the expanded meeting of the National Security Service collegium, chaired by the President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, which was devoted to the analysis of the work done and measures to totally improve the activities of the National Security Service, the President’s press service said.

The meeting was attended by the heads of the chambers of the Oliy Majlis, representatives of the President’s office, members of the government, senior officials of the central apparatus and territorial offices of the National Security Service.

At the meeting it was noted that  the issues of national security were set as the cornerstone of Uzbekistan’s domestic and foreign policies from the first days of obtainig the independence. The importance of these tasks is now propelled by the intensification of a number of transnational threats, such as international terrorism, religious extremism, drug and arms trafficking, human trafficking, and other dangerous challenges.

It was stressed that the National Security Service made a significant contribution to ensuring Uzbekistan’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity. This was even more obvious when various crises took place in the near and far abroad, with attempts of destructive forces to disrupt peace and stability in Uzbekistan.

At the same time, he criticized the activity of some units of the NSS and its territorial offices, pointing to the drawbacks and flaws in the organization of interdepartmental interaction, conduct of operational and investigative measures, as well as work with personnel.

The President pointed to the need to reform the National Security Service, underscoring the importance of abolishing the units dealing with irrelevant tasks, which in a number of cases led to the substitution of functions of other state bodies, as well as pointed to the need to strengthen the units in the most relevant areas of national security.

The Head of State stressed that the National Security Service should carry out its activities according to the principle "It is not the people who serve state bodies, but state bodies should serve the people".

The importance of preparing and adopting this year of the National Security Service Law was underscored, which will determine the main functions and tasks of the NSS and will make it possible to clearly delineate the powers of the security forces.

Shavkat Mirziyoyev noted that the key to effective operation of the National Security Service, as well as any other agency or organization, are the human resources, primarily its leading employees, their dedication, professionalism, diligence and high responsibility.

The units of the National Security Service should, within the scope of their competence, provide proactive assistance to the people in solving their problems, local authorities and other state bodies - in implementing the undertaken reforms.

He demanded that the executives and faculty of the educational institutions of the National Security Service focus on educating young personnel in the spirit of devotion to the homeland, strict observance of the requirements of the national legislation, endurance towards various tests, aspiration for constant self-improvement and professional growth.

Due the appointment as the State Adviser to the President of Uzbekistan, the Chairman of the National Security Service, Rustam Inoyatov has been dismissed from his post. Ikhtiyor Abdullayev who had previously worked as the Prosecutor General  has been appointed as the new chairman of the National Security Service.

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