Sunday, 22, October, 2017

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited Almalyk city in Tashkent province on Friday, where he took part in the inauguration of a new mine at the Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Combine (AMMC), marking the beginning of the second phase of the company's development. At the ceremony, the head of state proposed to leave "pathos and throwing dust in the eyes" aside and instead have a heart talk about the problems and expectations of Almalyk residents, Akhborot 24 reported.

"We are not worth a brass farthing if when developing our economy, we continue to turn a blind eye to the problems of ordinary people. Look at the dire conditions our children are growing up, the miserable kindergartens and schools that they are going to, look at the health care institutions, where are parks, why are houses not renovated, and roads are full of pits? - the President reportedly said. - Of course, if we compare with the city of 30 years ago, Almalyk has changed, but now there are different standards of life and work. "

"Having such a company as AMMC, one expects Almalyk city to be more beautiful, more affordable, cheaper and more comfortable," Shavkat Mirziyoyev said. - Unfortunately, it is not the case. Here the housing is terrible, services are forgettable, there is no water, no standard hospital ... You could have built a good children's hospital, a kindergarten, music center and modern park. "

"No one from the outside will never do anything for Uzbekistan, for Almalyk, for the plant. No one from outside will never drive in a single nail," the head of the country continued. He stressed that it is important, first and foremost, to fundamentally change attitudes, to take up the cause and rectify the situation.

"You can realistically improve by double the living standards in Almalyk. People want to live today, tomorrow is a prospect. People wish to live in a nice house, take their children to a good library, good park, good store. We must help them out. There should be elementary things in schools, a hospital should be like a hospital, and not like we saw today ... ".

"Today I made a decision," the President said. - Ten seven-storey houses will be built for teachers, for locksmiths, for AMMC workers. Five out of ten we want to build in a year's time for the metal plant ... In a year I will come back here, I promise you. "

He gave instructions to the executives. For example, First deputy prime minister Achilbay Ramatov was instructed to ensure repair in one of the kindergartens. This should be an example for others. The remaining 14 pre-schools will be reconstructed and equipped by the AMMC itself. Its CEO, Aleksandr Farmonov was requested to "reconsider approaches to work", to plan not for a year, not for two years, but for 10-20 years ahead.

From this day on, the head of the AMMC becomes an honorary mayor of the city. This is not a position, but responsibility, the President stressed. Aleksandr Farmonov will help the mayor and other officials in the development of the city and solving the problems of the ordinary people.

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