Wednesday, 06, December, 2023

Ijtimoiy Fikr (Social Opinion) public opinion research center conducted a survey on Uzbeks were happy with their lives, UzA said today.

Reportedly, 74.1 percent of those who were surveyed are very happy with life and the current state of their affairs. The remaining 13.7 percent of people said that they were moderately happy with their lives. Every tenth respondent expressed "partial satisfaction".

The Uzbeks who were surveyed assessed their financial situation in the past year, and the majority of citizens - 66.1 percent - also noted improvements. The remaining 27.5 percent of citizens believed that it remained as it was.

The social survey also found that the Uzbeks were getting more active politically and socially. They have a positive opinion about the country's political, economic and social development, and they feel the changes in their lives.

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