Monday, 15, April, 2024

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed a decree to increase the minimum pensions, wages and the basic settlement unit (BSU) by 7%. This was announced at a briefing by his spokesman Sherzod Asadov.

Pensions and benefits will be raised from April 1, while the salaries of employees of budget-financed organizations and the BSU - from May 1.

Pensions and benefits

The basic amount for pension calculation will be 347 thousand soums (now - 324 thousand soums), the minimum amount of old-age pension will be 677 thousand soums (now 633 thousand soums), the minimum amount of disability pensions, including disability pensions for incomplete work experience - 747 thousand soums (698 thousand soums).

Other types of pensions and allowances:

  • the amount of disability benefits paid to disabled citizens, and benefits to persons with disabilities since childhood - 747 thousand soums;
  • the minimum pensions, including allowances, for persons who became disabled as a result of the war of 1941-1945, and its participants, as well as for former minor prisoners of fascist concentration camps and persons who worked during the blockade of the city of Leningrad - 3.296 million soums;
  • the amount of old-age pensions for those receiving pensions in the amount from the established minimum old-age pension (677 thousand soums) to 747 thousand soums - 747 thousand soums;
  • the amount of benefits for elderly citizens who do not have the necessary work experience - 535 thousand soums;
  • the minimum amount of an old-age pension for incomplete work experience, taking into account additional payments, is 535,000 soums;
  • the amount of the allowance for the legal representative of a child who is caring for a disabled child under 18 years of age in need of outside care - 535 thousand soums per month;
  • the amount of the benefit for one disabled family member of the recipient is 535,000 soums, with an addition of 198,000 soums for each next disabled family member;
  • the minimum pension for one disabled family member of the recipient is 535,000 soums per month with the payment of a pension to each next disabled family member in accordance with the current procedure.

It is reported that the increase will affect 4.4 million pensioners in the country. The previous increase in pensions was as of May 1 last year.

Minimum wage and BSU

The minimum wage is being raised to 980,000 soums per month (now - 920,000 soums).

The base settlement value will be 330,000 soums (now - 300,000 soums).

The increase in salaries will affect 2 million employees of budget-financed organizations, it was said at a briefing.

Prior to this, the wages of budget-financed organizations’ employees increased from June 1 last year - by an average of 12%.

An additional 8.1 trillion soums are being contributed from the state budget to finance the above.

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