Monday, 15, April, 2024

Memorandum of understanding was signed with China's Green & Smart Energy (GSEO) organization in Tashkent. On March 16, Deputy Tashkent Mayor Sharof Rahmonov met with Wu Jianbo, Secretary General of China Green & Smart Energy (GSEO).

According to the mayor’s office, the parties discussed the ways to advance bilateral ties.

Also, they signed a memorandum of understanding in Tashkent for the purpose of developing low-carbon and renewable energy sources, energy saving and energy efficiency, and supporting green development.

Earlier, it was reported that solar panels will be installed in 36,000 households across Uzbekistan.

In 2023, the "Solar House" program will be implemented to encourage the installation of small-capacity solar panels in the residential areas. Based on this Program, solar panels with a total capacity of 182.1 MW will be installed in 36,600 households.

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