Saturday, 22, February, 2020

The Russian National Development Institute (VEB.RF) state corporation will provide 100 million euros to finance the deal for supply of Russian energy equipment to Uzbekistan, the head of the state corporation Igor Shuvalov.

“Today we adopted several interrelated decisions. Firstly, the decision to set the limits for the countries with which VEB.RF is cooperating, name nine countries, and Uzbekistan is included in this list. Then - the decision to establish a special limit in for the Uzbek NBU for the purchase Russian energy equipment to modernize the power units of the Uzbek energy facilities,” he said during a briefing following the meeting of the VEB.RF supervisory board.

According to him, this is a very good deal, “as it means orders for the Russian machine builders, and this is an export deal.” “So today all decisions have been made. We expect the deal to stand at about 100 million euros,” he concluded.

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