Saturday, 13, July, 2024

The net foreign exchange reserves of Uzbekistan on October 1 amounted to US$ 25.49 billion, decreasing by US$ 489 million over the month , the Central Bank of Uzbekistan said in a report.

In September, gross foreign exchange reserves fell by US$ 463 million, amounting to US$ 26.4 billion. Of these, foreign currency - 12.4 billion dollars (less 473 million US dollars over the month), monetary gold - 13.95 billion dollars (more by 10 million US dollars over the month).

The Central Bank explains the decrease in gross foreign exchange reserves in September by the cheapening of gold from US$ 1,206.85 to US$ 1,183.5 per troy ounce. The estimated impact on the decline was US$ 269.8 million.

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