Tuesday, 16, July, 2019

There should be no rush to adopt the new tax concept, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev said at government meeting devoted to tax reforms last week. He noted the importance of taking into account foreign experience and the proposals made by international organizations.

Experts of international organizations visiting our country have made proposals on the tax concept. It is important to take into account foreign experience. Foreign partners are ready to help us, he said.

We have invited a Russian expert (state adviser of the Russian Federation of the first class, former deputy finance minister Sergey Shatalov), who will work on an ongoing basis, the head of state said.

We will be struggling in the first "two, three, four years", but if we do not put the tax system in order, we won’t be able to ensure stability, and the challenges will remain.

According to Shavkat Mirziyoyev, statements of experts of the World Bank and other financial institutions confirm that Uzbekistan does not have a system based tax system. Unfortunately, what they are saying is true - we do not have a system, from the professional point of view there is no deep vision of the process. We should not rush with the adoption of a research-backed tax concept. We can not achieve our goals with lofty slogans.

A country needs 3 to 10 years to implement tax reforms, so Uzbekistan should be far-sighted, he stressed, First and foremost, it is necessary to take into account the people’s interests. We will definitely adopt this concept, we are preparing for this, he added.

Sergei Shatalov, in an interview with Uzbekistan 24, said: Special regimes will be altered, qualifications will be changed to become much more reasonable. Commerciality thresholds will be established, to make the system more adequate, normal and that meets international standards. The threshold values ​​will not be too high, which will preserve the old taxation procedure for small businesses, and most organizations with solid revenues and solid capital will pass to the general taxation regime.


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