Tuesday, 25, June, 2024

Special briefing took place with the participation of executives of the US companies in order to provide detailed information about the economic reforms implemented in Uzbekistan as part of the preparations for the presidential election in Uzbekistan, Dunyo said.

Senior executives of US companies, as well as representatives of the US State Department and the Ministry of Commerce attended the event.

American-Uzbekistan Chamber of Commerce (AUCC) Chairwoman Carolyn Lemm assessed recent reforms in Uzbekistan, particularly the business environment and facilities created by the government for international investors. "As a supporter of the development of trade ties between the two countries, I call on American companies to strengthen the prospects of doing business in Uzbekistan and to invest more in the Uzbek market," added C. Lemm.

According to the president of Silverleafe Capital Partners, Dan Patterson, the interest of American brands in cooperation with textile enterprises of Uzbekistan is evidence of confidence in the quality and competitiveness of the republic's textile products. In this regard, the president of Silverleafe expressed his readiness to organize meetings between senior management of Uzbek textile companies and American brands.

According to Steve Naderny, vice president of CNH Industrial, CNH Industrial aims to support the modernization and productivity of Uzbekistan's agricultural industry by providing advanced agricultural techniques and experiences. S. Naderny said to continue active cooperation with Uzbek partners in the modernization of the equipment of agriculture factories in Uzbekistan.

Reportedly, the leaders of AUCC and US companies stressed that they strongly support the reforms implemented in Uzbekistan, encourage American companies to enter the country’s market, and continue to work on new investment projects. On the eve of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of AUSS, an agreement was reached with the United States to hold the "America-Uzbekistan Business Forum" in Washington in September of this year.

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