Thursday, 22, February, 2024

The annual report of the U.S. State Department Annual Report on International Religious Freedom was presented in Washington Friday, the Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo announced at the Release of the 2018 Report.

"I’m pleased to announce the release of the International Religious Freedom Report for 2018. It’s like a report card – it tracks countries to see how well they’ve respected this fundamental human right. I’ll start with the good news:

In Uzbekistan, much work still remains to be done, but for the first time in 13 years, it’s no longer designated as a Country of Particular Concern.

This past year, the government passed a religious freedom roadmap. Fifteen hundred religious prisoners have been freed, and 16,000 people that were blacklisted for their religious affiliations are now allowed to travel. We look forward to seeing legal reforms to registration requirements, so more groups may worship freely, and so children may pray at mosques with their parents."

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