Friday, 19, July, 2024

Russian war propagandist and “writer” Zakhar Prilepin was awarded the Courage Order at a ceremony held in the Kremlin. According to the press service of Prilepin, who is a lieutenant colonel of the Russian Guard, the ceremony took place on July 3.

In addition to the Order of Courage, Prilepin was also awarded the Medal of the Ministry of Defense entitled "For Strengthening The Military Community". Along with the war propagandist, the pranksters Vovan (Vladimir Kuznetsov) and Lexus (Alexei Stolyarov) who mocked Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni on behalf of African politicians were also awarded a state award in the Kremlin.

Note: Zakhar Prilepin said at one of the meetings held in December 2023 that in order to fight against migration, the former Soviet states should be annexed to Russia, in particular, he proposed to conquer Uzbekistan and teach Uzbeks the Russian language.

"After the parade in Kiev, who will be capable to do whatever we wish in the Eurasian region? No one," Prilepin said then. After this statement of the war propagandist, the Russian authorities tried to distance themselves and stated that this was his personal opinion and did not represent the position of the Kremlin.

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