Monday, 29, November, 2021

The defense ministries of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan signed an agreement that includes a number of military cooperation events, the Uzbek Ministry of Defense said.

The signing took place as part of the visit of the military delegation of Kazakhstan headed by Defense Minister Lieutenant General Murat Bektanov. On November 22, he met with the Minister of Defense of Uzbekistan, Lieutenant General Bakhodir Kurbanov.

During the visit, the Kazakh delegation visited the Victory Park memorial complex in Tashkent city and the Chimgan mountain training center in the mountains of the Tashkent province, where exercises with shooting in the mountains were demonstrated, as well as the Academy of the Armed Forces. Having familiarized himself with the educational process, the Kazakh Minister of Defense planted a tree here.

At the end of the visit, on November 24, Ministers Bakhodir Kurbanov and Murat Bektanov watched the active phase of the Uzbek-Kazakh joint drill Hamkorlik-2021 at the Termez training ground of the South-Western Special Military District. They became a follow-up of the Qalqon-2021 joint drill at the Matibulak training ground in the Zhambyl region of Kazakhstan.

The servicemen conducted preparations for the main stage of the drill during the week. The ministers watched the demonstration performances of the military personnel of Uzbekistan, including overcoming a complex strip of 45 obstacles, an equestrian marathon and others, organized at 50 training points of the training ground.

According to the plan of the drill, the combined forces of the two countries entered into battle with illegal armed groups that broke through the state border with the participation of more than 50 combat vehicles and about 300 military personnel.

Fighters, combat helicopters, armored vehicles, artillery, motorized rifle units and unmanned aerial vehicles were used to destroy the groups of the conditional enemy.

Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan conduct joint military drill

Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan conduct joint military drill 2

Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan conduct joint military drill 3


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