Thursday, 24, June, 2021

A footage surfaced on the internet, where residents of Ayritom village of the Chirakchi district of Kashkadarya province were seen blocking the Tashkent-Karshi high-speed railway. The situation was commented by Uzbekistan Railways.

According to the company, that day at about 9:00 am, at the local station of Regional Railway Junction of Karshi, citizens were to meet with the mayor of the district Khurram Juraev to address the blackouts. The residents intended to ask the mayor to set up connect to a more powerful transformer.

Due to the mayor not showing to the meeting at the agreed time, residents gathered at the railway, along which the Afrosiyob high-speed train was supposed to pass at 10:48 AM on the Tashkent-Karshi route. About 28 minutes before the arrival of the train, the mayor Khurram Juraev arrived at the scene and took the audience to the building of the mahalla committee in Ayritom village.

The train passed through the station on schedule and without stopping, there were no damages or consequences, the company added.

Commentary of the district mayor’s office

Information about the meeting of residents near the railway was reported to the mayor by his first deputy Abdurazzok Kengboyev. At this time, the head of the district was going to Ok Oltin makhalla to get acquainted with the improvement work carried out within the framework of the Obod Qishloq program. After receiving the message, the mayor arrived at the Ayritom station and took the citizens to the makhalla building.

During the conversation, Khurram Juraev said that a new 110 kV overhead line will be built to resolve the issue of power supply from the Shurbozor mahalla, and a 4000 kV transformer will be installed at the Istiklol substation.

On the same day, the director of the Regional Electric Networks of the Kashkadarya province company also met with local residents and provided detailed information on the work being done.

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