Wednesday, 19, May, 2021

The head of the UNICEF office in Uzbekistan Munir Mammadzade was vaccinated against COVID-19 with the AstraZeneca vaccine on Friday, April 30.

Munir Mammadzade said that these days he was being treated for coronavirus and decided to get vaccinated when his health improved.

He announced when the next shipment of this vaccine will be delivered under the global COVAX program.

“We originally planned to deliver the remaining vaccines in May. However, given the fact that the drug is manufactured in India, where the epidemiological situation is now quite difficult, we and the government were officially notified of the delays in the supply. Nevertheless, we hope that there will be no significant gap between doses in June,” he said.

Munir Mammadzadh said that if the epidemiological situation in India worsens, vaccines will be imported from other countries.

This vaccine is also produced in the Republic of Korea. Other options are being considered. Hopefully this will be resolved in the coming days. The key is to produce enough vaccine. As soon as the drugs are ready, we will deliver them straight away,” he said.

Under the COVAX program, it is planned to supply 2 million 256 thousand doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine to Uzbekistan. The country received the first batch of 660 thousand doses on March 17.

According to the head of the UNICEF office, the procurement of vaccines outside the COVAX program will be regulated in accordance with the national vaccination plan. “By the end of this year, it is planned to vaccinate 20% of the Uzbekistan's population,” he said.

According to the Ministry of Health, more than 718.4 thousand people have already received the coronavirus vaccine since April 1. Of these, 323772 people were vaccinated with AstraZeneca, 391478 people were vaccinated with the Chinese-Uzbek ZF-UZ-VAC2001, 3221 people were vaccinated with the Russian "Sputnik V".

On April 27, Uzbekistan received another 1 million doses of the Uzbek-Chinese vaccine, as well as the second batch of Sputnik V in 50 thousand doses.

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