Tuesday, 18, May, 2021

The Jizzakh province prosecutor's office opened a criminal case against a male in Jizzakh province Bakhmal district V.K., 52, for insulting the president on the Internet.

According to the office, the man created Youtube and Facebook accounts, where, under the acronym V. K, he published videos and aired live.

“In his vlogs, he misinterpreted to the general public the reforms carried out by the president, insulted the president and disseminated information that humiliated and defamed the image of the head of state, thereby slandering him,” the prosecutor's office said in a statement.

The Directorate of the State Security Service in the Jizzakh province opened a criminal case under Public insult or libel against the President of Uzbekistan and now could be sentenced to up to 3 years of correctional labor or 2 to 5 years of house arrest or up to 5 years of imprisonment. An investigation is underway.

In the end of March, the Criminal Code was supplemented with a rule establishing liability for public insult or libel against the president using telecommunications networks or the Internet.

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