Tuesday, 26, October, 2021

The President of Uzbekistan, at the Jan. 27 government meeting, instructed the Prosecutor General Nigmatilla Yuldashev to identify the causes of corruption in each province of Uzbekistan.

“The Prosecutor General Nigmatilla Yuldashev will hold a meeting of the National Anti-Corruption Council within a month. During this time, he will make a diagnosis for each district,” the head of state said.

Nigmatilla Yuldashev will have to find out why the districts "are sick with corruption ", why they "are not getting well" and who is supporting corruption.

“We borrowed so much money. But some people are stealing everywhere they can. Even in the construction of schools and colleges. Corruption is everywhere, "Mirziyoyev stressed.

The President also announced that the Prosecutor General will compile a list of people involved in corruption. The head of state said that "we will consider their fate later."

“There is corruption everywhere. If we had arranged the energy system in the last 30 years, there would have been no problems,” the head of state concluded, speaking about the energy sector.

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