Monday, 25, January, 2021

As reported earlier, pupils of school №43 in Andijan were forced to greet local officials outdoors without warm clothing, which prompted forming of a working group by the Public Education Ministry.

According to the provincial branch of Public Education, the pupils, "having learned about the visit of officals," went out into the street at 11:25. The branch noted that “in an conversation with the children in the photographs, the working group learned that the children were outside for only 2-3 minutes, after which the teachers asked them to return to class before the end of the break”.

The statement emphasizes that the pupils and their parents have no complaints about what happened, "since the children remained on the street for a short time," the working group found in a conversation with children and their parents.

the provincial branch of Public Education announced the dismissal of the acting director D. Nasirdinov and his deputy S. Ismanova and asked the leaders, teachers and staff of the entire public education system "to treat each pupil like own child" and not to allow such situations that could affect their health and safety.

Children's Ombudsman Commentary

Children's Ombudsman Aliya Yunusova expressed “an unequivocal opinion about the inadmissibility of holding such events in a bad weather, especially since on November 18 the air temperature dropped to -15 degrees.

“Regardless of who initiated the event, they must be held accountable. It is unacceptable to endanger the health of children. I am categorically opposed to children being involved in such events in the future. "

“Officials should already abandon these forms of greetings using children. Celebration must be conducted with children. We must teach children the right way and make the right accents,” she concluded.

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